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Apple expects a very good christmas sale

Apple expects a very good christmas sale
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Christian Boas

Apple has predicts a very good forecast “biggest quarter ever” for the upcoming Christmas business. Similarly, the new top model iPhoneX is a bestseller, reminiscent of earlier days.

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Revenue in the current quarter is expected to be between $ 84 and $ 87 billion, which is partly due to CEO Tim Cook’s “very strong” demand for the new iPhone X. The projected figure is significantly higher than the $ 78.4 billion that Apple had achieved in the quarter after the iPhone 7 in 2016.

iPhone X hype
With the new iPhone, Apple finally seems to be able to build on the successes of the first generations of its smartphone. Anyway, that’s what the long lines, which had formed in front of the Apple stores in China hours before the opening, point to that. The interest in Germany seems similarly great. Again, there are reports of queues in front of the shops. In Cupertino you can look forward to a brilliant Christmas business.

However, the continued running of the Apple machinery also has its downsides. Thus, the iPhone customers have to buy a new model at regular intervals, which reduces the household budget of consumers and not least harms the environment equally.

“The hype about the new iPhone X once again proves how important Apple still is. Nevertheless, the short innovation cycles at Apple are leading to ever shorter product life cycles and thus to a high financial burden on consumers who always want to own the latest product. In addition, more and more users are bothered by the waste of resources through such short cycles, “says Grover founder Michael Cassau, commenting on the waste of resources.

So the ever shorter product life cycles culminate in a real material battle. Only the raw materials that Apple recycles from its waste, weighs just under 28,000 tons and consume no less energy for the recycling of materials after their production. The company is not quite as green as Apple likes to see itself in its environmental report. This is not changed by the commendable initiatives for sustainable energy.

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