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Review: Rollei Professional Smartphone Gimbal

Review: Rollei Professional Smartphone Gimbal
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Christian Boas

At the IFA 2017 in Berlin the manufacturer Rollei presented its new “Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal”. The gimbal comes disassembled in a padded hard shell with zipper, in which the dismantled gimbal and the accessories are clearly located. In addition to the Gimbal itself, there is also a rechargeable battery, a counterweight and a micro-USB cable for charging as well as a multilingual user manual for the manageable accessories.


Der Gimbal zerlegte in seiner gepolsterten Hartschalentasche. (Bild: / TC)

The Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal itself consists of Rollei orange anodised aluminum and high-quality plastic and make a good impression from the processing. The lower part of the device, can be screwed and takes up the 2.000 mAh battery in itself. With a 1/4 inch thread on the underside you can quickly fix the professional Smartphone Gimbal on each tripod.

The transport bag is a bit impractical in practice because the gimbal can not be stored in a ready-to-use form due to its rather unfavorable format, but must always be screwed together. For charging, the battery and head must be mounted on the head, as the USB jack is for charging at the top of the unit.


Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal (Bild: Rollei)Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal (Bild: Rollei)Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal (Bild: Rollei)Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal (Bild: Rollei)Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal (Bild: Rollei)Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal (Bild: Rollei)

Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal (Bild: / TC)Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal (Bild: / TC)Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal (Bild: Rollei)Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal (Bild: Rollei)Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal (Bild: / TC)Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal (Bild: Rollei)

One advantage is the disassembly, because this way the battery can not self-discharge. A further advantage of the type 18650 lithium-ion battery used is that it can not only be changed by itself, but can also be bought at an extremely low price.

The use of the smartphone in the Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal is child’s play, since the smartphone holder itself ensures a secure hold. For larger smartphones, you can also use the supplied counterweight for balancing.

Before using the device for the first time, you must install both the Android and iOS app on your smartphone. If the app is installed, it can start immediately. For this, the professional Smartphone Gimbal does not have to be configured cumbersome, but balances the smartphone directly. The connection between smartphone and gimbal is made via the Bluetooth interface of the phone. This is an easy-to-use and easy-to-use application, so you can start the test with an Android smartphone in a matter of seconds.

After you have started, you can record with these photos with maximum 4.160 x 3.120 megapixels and videos with a maximum resolution of 1.280 x 720. Unfortunately the previous positive impression with App does not continue. Because theoretically, the app can follow through the face tracking also one or up to three faces. In our test, this feature did not work despite multiple attempts and instead the (Android) app crashes regularly.

panoramic shots
Another feature of the app is to take 180 ° or 360 ° panoramic views. Unfortunately, the app starts immediately after the desired selection in the menu with the recording of the individual pictures, which is then composed by the software to a 180 ° or 360 ° panorama. Here it would be more stylish and more practical, after the selection of the desired panorama function, again a separate pressing of the release button on the gimbal to demand. In addition, it is noticeable that the camera shoots the individual images quite quickly one after the other, which later becomes noticeable partly with the sharpness of the panorama.


Eine mit dem Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal erstellte 360° Panoramaaufnahme. (Bild: / TC)

video recordings
Of course, the app also provides a corresponding function for recording video. It is noticeable, however, that the Rollei-app despite 4 K support of the smartphone camera only a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels can be selected. In addition to full-HD you can also choose between 1280 x 720 pixels and 640 x 480 pixels VGA resolution. As with the photos, there is also the video recording the face tracking, which unlike the photos does not lead to crashing the app. However, here also the facial prosecution is still very much in need of improvement.


Price & Availability
The new Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal, which has been redesigned for the IFA 2017, is now available in specialist and online trading, at a price of 250, – Euro.

We liked the test, in addition to the long battery life of almost four hours, the Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal can rotate without end by 360 ° around its own axis. We also liked the easy setup of the unit. In addition, the device performs its basic function quite reliably.

However, we see a need for greater improvements in the smartphone app, which allows the Gimbal to be controlled exclusively via Bluetooth. Because face tracking is still deficient and we miss useful functions such as the possibility to stream videos live via Periscope, YouTube & Co..

We hope, however, that the manufacturer will correct the flaws of the app with an update and will extend this on the occasion by a few meaningful functions. For otherwise would be Rollei Profi Smartphone Gimbal with scarcely 250, – Euro a little overpriced and thus with a not so good price performance ratio.

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