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Off, over – Nokia stamps OZO camera

Off, over – Nokia stamps OZO camera
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Christian Boas

Nokia, the once powerful mobile phone manufacturer, who finally retired to the mobile phone business in network equipment, Nokia is now again thinking about its business strategy. Today, the company announced that it would discontinue the construction of its expensive OZO Virtual Reality cameras after it was determined that the VR market is developing “slower than expected”. Instead, health products and patent licenses will become more prominent. In the course of the conversion Nokia leaves 310 employees.

The downsizing is mainly in the US, UK and Finland, the company said. Nokia Technologies is at a point where you can expand your presence in the digital healthcare market with the right focus and investment, and we need to take this opportunity, “said Gregory Lee, President of Nokia Technologies in his statement. The changes will also have an impact on our employees, and as a responsible company, we are committed to providing the necessary support to those affected.

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