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Off for Microsofts Groove Music Pass

Off for Microsofts Groove Music Pass
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Christian Boas

Redmonder Softwaregian Microsoft is giving its streaming service “Groove Music Pass” the running pass and stops the activities in this area by the end of the year. However, the Windows app GrooveMusic should be preserved. This will continue to play tracks from OneDrive or a local hard drive.

App becomes the player
Ultimately, Microsoft Management’s decision means that after December 31, 2017, music will not stream or buy tracks. This week, the app is to be updated accordingly with Windows insiders. They then have the option to have their own music library as well as the individual playlists moved to Spotify. Already in the next week, all users will then benefit from the new update.

Microsoft wants to have the end of January 2018 brought the move under the roof. In the medium term, the Microsoft app for Windows will basically only have one player that users can use to play local or OneDrive tracks. Groove Music Pass was once known under the name of Zune Music, later renamed to Xbox Music and was known since 2015 under the present name.

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