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Flatulence of the iPhone 8 Plus

Flatulence of the iPhone 8 Plus
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Christian Boas

In the pictures of the popped iPhone 8 one can already wonder whether Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus the new Samsung Note 7 including battery gate is. For just under a week, the first pictures of strange iPhone 8 Plus emerged. The supposedly brand-new devices, whose inner life inflates and thus pushes the display out of the frame.

The reason for this is likely to be the lithium-ion battery, which develops a defective, partly toxic gas, which first causes the battery to inflate and then release it through a safety diaphragm. In the course of the week, a handful of other incidents of this kind were reported, in total there are now six cases across the globe. These are (yet) not very many are, but Apple has now adopted the story.

They wanted to keep the incidents on the screen and the cause to the bottom, the Apple had a brief statement.

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