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Avoid traffic jams with “jam alarm”

Avoid traffic jams with “jam alarm”
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Christian Boas

Commuters help to avoid congestion and relaxed driving, which is the noble goal of the new function “traffic jam alarm” at the App ADAC Maps. The Android and iOS app supports drivers on their way to work, as around 68 per cent of all employees in Germany were traveling to the workplace last year.

For distances of 25 to 50 kilometers it was as much as 84 per cent – according to a survey by the Statistical Office. If you do not want to be in a traffic jam as a commuter, you should always keep an eye on the current traffic situation. The free ADAC Maps app now supports drivers individually with a new function: commuters can more easily avoid the traffic jam with a push message “traffic jam” because the app actively points to the current traffic situation.

Avoiding traffic jams, starting and driving individually: For this, drivers only have to specify an exact period for the daily route to work in the ADAC Maps app. New traffic messages are then automatically transmitted to the smartphone with a push message.

The ADAC Maps App is a free route planner for individual everyday mobility and holiday planning. In addition to route planning, the interactive map offers more than 40 information types such as construction sites, congestion and traffic flow as well as web and traffic cams and also toll calculation. Every day, around 2000 traffic data are integrated into the app.

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