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Review: Nokia 8

Review: Nokia 8
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Christian Boas

For a hardcore Apple user like me, Android devices are something “strange”. In this respect, I re-test all Apple and Android experience and just start with the test of the new Nokia. Boothies instead of just selfies? Can the Nokia 8 convince?

Design & Hardware
Noble looks that Nokia 8 thanks, its polished and anodized surface ever. The case of our test smartphone has a beautiful shimmering blue color and works extremely high-quality processed.


Das neue Nokia 8 im Test. (Bild: neue Nokia 8 im Test. (Bild: neue Nokia 8 im Test. (Bild:

Das neue Nokia 8 im Test. (Bild: neue Nokia 8 im Test. (Bild: neue Nokia 8 im Test. (Bild:

Who already with the iPhone 7 Plus the impression had to hold a slippery piece of soap in the hand, finds this effect also with the Nokia 8, so that the device very very quickly from the hand glides. A non-slip protective cover should therefore be placed directly at the Unboxing, in order to ensure that the mobile phone does not take any damage.

The feel of all side switches is appealing and the 64 GB internal memory is enough for most people. For all those who need more storage space, Eg photographers or 4 K videofiles, the memory expansion via microSD card can be up to 256 gigabytes. For friends of the dual SIM, there is the Nokia 8, unlike the Apple iPhone also in a hybrid dual SIM version. This allows two SIM cards to be reached simultaneously, or a SIM card and a MicroSD card.

The screen convinces with a very bright 5.3 “diagonal. With a resolution of 2.560 x 1.440 everything is presented very beautifully sharp including a perfect contrast. In addition, there are no annoying reflections or other unsightly edges.

Performance & Endurance
Anyone who remembers the old “bones” of Nokias already knew that for several days he did not need a charging cable or a socket. With today’s performance of all devices on the market, a whole day is a challenge.

Selfie here, video da … Compared to my iPhone 7 Plus, which lasted just one day, the Nokia 8 loosely in the bag. Also, the speed at which the device handles the task or 4K video processing shows a decent performance.

The Nokia 8 is equipped with a 13-megapixel dual-image back-camera with color and monochrome sensors as well as a 13-megapixel wide-angle front camera with phase detection and autofocus. The front and rear cameras are equipped with ZEISS optics. With the camera, not only selfies are possible, but also boothies, that is, a picture that takes two photos in each direction. This is, in my opinion, a cool feature.

The maximum aperture of the two cameras is f 2.0, which is quite light. The autofocus operates precisely and quickly. The possibility of the autofocus allows beautiful effects with respect to the depth of focus, a big plus for all those who like to be creative. The picture quality with good and very good light conditions is very good. However, the Nokia 8 can not replace compact cameras in low light conditions.

I also missed the possibility to save images in RAW format or a function, which makes the photo to be taken quickly brighter. Video enthusiasts can enjoy 4K videos, which can be made with both the front and the back camera. As an iPhone user I liked especially the fast syncing of the pictures with the Google account (Google Photo), which takes place in record time.

The Nokia 8 is delivered with Android 7.1.1 (nougat) and without unnecessary blodware. The required standard apps are fixed and run on the smartphone fast and stable. Also new apps, with whose software I can track and display different devices, do not cause any problems. In addition, the manufacturer states that he will quickly offer new updates and an upgrade to Android 8 for the smartphone.

For an MSRP of 579, – Euro you get a lot of noble smartphone, which delivers good video and photo results in good light conditions. However, I miss the Nokia 8 a bumper, which makes the device a little more slip-proof, so that it does not slip so quickly from the hand. My conclusion of the Nokia 8 is good and the real retail price should soon stand out from the UVP.

About the Gastautor:
Stefan Kny is a full-time photographer and a lot in the Berlin start-up scene for his onlinemagazin Gründermetropole Berlin.



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