What to do with water damage on the smartphone?

What to do with water damage on the smartphone?
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At present, repair companies are again receiving many smartphones with water damage. They are mostly devices that have become acquainted with the sea, the pool or a strong summer rain. The summer of 2017 has it all. It is warmer and, above all, more humid than most summers since the start of the measurements. 150 liters of rain per square meter, B. Tief “Rasmund” fall to Berlin at the end of June. At the repair agent emerged noticeably more smartphones with water damage.

“When the smartphone comes into contact with liquids, most users have two fatal impulses,” says Dawid Heftman, technics expert at “Often the device is simply switched on again after external cleaning in order to see if it still works.”

However, due to moisture and residues, the violent current flow can lead to short circuits, making the repair more difficult, more expensive or even unprofitable. But also the second impulse to dry the smartphone on the heater or even with a hair dryer is harmful to the device. Because the circulating air pushes the water deeper into the device and distributes it. Salt is also unsuitable as a drying agent. Anyone who wants to dry his mobile phone in the oven or the microwaves, destroys it inevitably.

Smallest particles
The biggest problem is the smallest particles and dissolved substances that carry the water. Whether sea salt, lime in the tap water or organic residues from the excavation lake, evaporates the water, they deposit themselves in the device.


Erst unter dem Mikroskop lassen sich die Schäden erkennen. (Bild: Refixo)


Unterm Mikroskop zeigen sich die verkrusteten Ablagerungen auf den Elektrobauteilen des Geräts. (Bild: Refixo)

“During drying, a crusted layer remains on the components, which can lead to short circuits even after many weeks. The users then usually do not return the damage to the water contact, “says Heftman.

This is how it works
First turn off the unit! If the smartphone still attaches to the charging cable, you must first pull the plug out of the socket and only then from the device. If possible, you also remove the battery from the phone.

To the expert
The smartphone should immediately become an expert after the liquid contact. On one finds nationwide qualified repair companies and can compare the prices. If you want, you can also book the service there immediately. If your device is shipped, silicate gel beads can be helpful, which often accompany the packaging of many devices. In the workshop the equipment is opened and thoroughly cleaned with special means, sometimes with the help of ultrasound, in order to remove all deposits. Here, subsequent problems can also be detected and eliminated.

“However, a residual risk remains,” explains Dawid Heftman. “A serious repairman can not guarantee a water damage. Often, after a long time, there are still incalculable consequences. Our partners also always repair liquid damage under reservation. “

If you take your smartphone with you to the beach, one should pay attention to keep enough distance to the water. Selfies in the sea or at the pool you shoot better with waterproof devices. Waterproof smartphones can also be helpful. But the best way to keep your smartphone away from the water is to go through the summer.

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