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Undercover at Apple

Undercover at Apple
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Christian Boas
So we know the US company Apple, crisp, fresh and modern! However, as it is behind the scenes, it is probably the most valuable company in the world, US student Dejian Zeng has found out on his own. Because Zeng has smuggled himself into an iPhone factory in Shanghai and as an assembly-line worker has experienced there very closely how Apple deals with people.

Zeng, born in China, is 24 years old and is studying law at the University of New York. He was now on a secret mission for the American NGO China Labor Watch. His task was to find out if Apple exploits Chinese workers. In the article published on Saturday Zeng describes in detail his experiences and impressions.

He allows the reader to participate in his 30-minute-long talk talk in a tent. Tells about his experience with the group X-ray with 15 other workers. The lodging in a six-storey house, in which 160 people had to share a laundry room. And, of course, about the miserable working conditions on the ground. His portrayals are more reminiscent of a military penal or labor camp than a workplace of the most valuable enterprise in the world.

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