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The new social network Polygram recognizes facial expressions

The new social network Polygram recognizes facial expressions
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Christian Boas

The new social network Polygram works with facial recognition and transmits the individual mood of its users into matching Emoji’s. For this, the app monitors its users through the front camera and then uses these emotions as reactions to images or comments from other users.

Expressing the feeling
If a user posts a photo or a status message in Polygram, other users of the app can react with their face expression. The front camera of the smartphone perceives the emotion of the user and analyzes it by facial recognition. Then the software selects an appropriate emoji to the recorded facial expression, which is subsequently published as a personal reaction. The first users are pleased that they are able to express their own emotions better and that Polygram takes them.

Emoji instead of words
Social networks, such as Facebook, offer only a small selection of emotions that users can use to comment. Many users already wanted gradations. In addition to the individual reactions, Polygram even allows you to create your own animations, such as a twinkling emoji. The template is given by the user through his front camera, the face detection does the rest. These animations can also be used on other platforms via Polygram.

In addition to creating their own Emojis, beauty surgeons have been able to add “improvements” to their own face. Thus, live filters can be used to create more attractive selfs. The app developers also state that no screenshots of photos of others can be made. So the new social network Polygram wants to provide more privacy. So far, Polygram is only available to Apple iOS users. When an Android version will be available, is not yet known.

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