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The Messenger “Telegram” is allowed in Indonesia

The Messenger “Telegram” is allowed in Indonesia
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Christian Boas

The threat of the Indonesian government to ban the encrypted smartphone messenger “Telegram” is off the table. This was justified by the fight against terror, which Telegram had recently pushed forward. “We agree to make Telegram available,” said Rudiantara, Indonesian Minister of Communications and Information Technology. This met yesterday, Tuesday with Telegram founder Pavel Durov.

Cooperation with government
Compared to the press, Durov reaffirmed a common approach with the Indonesian government. Especially IS contents should be offered, because this has often used Telegram for stop planning. For this purpose, the company will establish new standard procedures within the messager. The possibilities to “attack negative content on Telegram” are to be expanded. Critical voices consider the closing of IS content questionable and suggest monitoring here. This is, however, against Telegram’s corporate principles.

“Telegram is heavily encrypted and focused on privacy, but we are not friends of terrorists – in fact, we block thousands of channels that sympathize with the IS each month,” Durov most recently defended his company. Telegram formed an expert team of social media and cultural specialists. To allow so-called “doorways” for the government remains a taboo for Durov. “The principle behind our company is our promise of 100 percent encryption. That alone is the reason for the existence of our company, “says Durov.

Google & Facebook on the test
In Indonesia alone, 20,000 new users register with Telegram every day. According to Rudiantara, many other social media sites, messengers, as well as cloud systems would be used. These pages must now be provided. Especially Facebook and Google counts Rudiantara to the platforms, which is a check in “near future”. Around the world governments are currently skeptical about encrypted message systems. More and more providers need to find compromises.

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