The countdown to the landline shutdown is running

The countdown to the landline shutdown is running
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Christian Boas

The switch to Voice over IP is in full swing, but only one in three companies in Germany has not tackled the issue so far. This is shown by a recent survey of 100 managing directors in small and medium-sized companies, which was carried out in the spring of 2017 on behalf of Gigaset.

By 2018, Deutsche Telekom will switch off its line-connected analogue and ISDN network, and other providers will follow. The entire telecommunication services then only run over the Internet Protocol IP. The fact that the switch to “Voice over IP” is almost at the doorstep is almost known to all decision-makers (90 per cent) in companies – yet the topic has so far only a high priority for just under three out of ten companies (28 per cent).

According to the study, 16 per cent of the interviewees did not even begin the planning for the change, 18 per cent have just entered the concept. However, every fifth company (19 per cent) is already ready to make the transition in a few months. Nine percent of the companies had switched their telecommunication technology to Voice over IP briefly “VoIP” already after the telecom announcement, to switch off the ISDN network 2018 so, the result of the survey.

Pioneers in the field of VoIP conversion are to be found mainly in the industry and in the manufacturing sector. In these sectors, the topic plays a central role for every fourth company (25 percent). In the services sector and in the retail sector, the number of companies that think about using VoIP is 14 percent and 11 percent, respectively.

According to the study, larger enterprises with complex telecommunications technology with up to 100 branches are more advanced than small firms with less than 50 employees: 40 percent have already switched to VoIP and are therefore not affected by the abandonment of the old fixed-line fixed network. For smaller enterprises, on the other hand, only 18 percent use IP-based telephony.

On the test
Especially the small companies should not delay the conversion to VoIP so long. All telephone systems, extensions, fax machines etc. must be checked for their Internet capability. In addition, it may be useful to bring the entire telecommunications technology in the company up to the latest state of the art during the course of the conversion.

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