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Smarter headphones H2 presented

Smarter headphones H2 presented
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Christian Boas

The Israeli Startup Even has presented its new headphone “H2”, which can test the hearing ability of its wearer. This is intended to produce the perfect sound reproduction for each user, which is individually adapted to the hearing sensitivity of the user. The H2 is connected via Bluetooth or cable to the desired device.

Digital assistant
A digital assistant named Sarah, who is very Siri-like, performs a hearing test on the 299 dollar expensive gadget. Sarah logs on with each turn on the headphones. The result of the check is a personalized listening experience that is different for everyone. The company itself calls this procedure “Ohrabdruck” because it is as unique as a fingerprint.

“Our technology gives users a hearing experience that they have never had or have not had for a long time,” Aronson says. He says, Even makes it possible for people to experience music again and hear what is missing. Because he knows that every music perceives differently, even if it is the same song.

The headphones are not only technically very innovative, they also consist partly of environmentally friendly wooden shells and vegan artificial leather, which gives the headphones a modern vintage look. The earliest impression of each person is stored on the smartphone in the mobile app. This app also shows the battery level of the H2 and is to be further expanded. Inventor Aronson wants to establish the pressure in the scene in the long run.

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