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“Fennex” turns Apple “AirPods” into hearing aids

“Fennex” turns Apple “AirPods” into hearing aids
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Christian Boas

Die App Fenex verwandelt Apples AirPods in Hörgeräte. (Bild: Apple)The Swiss startup “Fennex” with its app of the same name, the wireless Bluetooth headset “AirPods” from Apple in hearing aids. While the development is still at an early stage, CEO Alex Mari still has a lot in mind: “We want to get as close as possible to hearing-aiding technology,” he explains. First updates should hide noise and install a feedback system into the app.

Extended checkout
But not only people with hearing problems should meet Fennex. The app is docking to the Megatrend “Extended Reality”. The young company plans to provide people with an extended sense of hearing without any complaints. The gadgets are intended to cover areas of mobile communication and real-time information services. At the moment, however, Fennex does not function like a “cheap hearing aid”, says Mari. However, the free app will be supplemented by other functions. These should cost something with increasing quality.

The term “Hearables” for devices that stimulate the hearing has already been characterized by the competition. Via an audio output the technologies analyze the environment and should produce a believable “spatial sound”. The company Petralex also works at the interface between smartphone and hearing. Fennex, however, states that it is the only provider to tailor its offer specifically to AirPots. They can access wireless connections, but they must be charged separately. Petralex, on the other hand, is further expanding its products.

Decision for Apple
The decision for Apple has deliberately hit Mari. The popularity of the devices of the US group was decisive. Mari assumes that AirPods will continue to establish themselves. At the same time, he feared that an Android device will give longer waiting times when processing sound. In contrast to other hearing aids, Hearables bribe by their price. Instead of several thousand euros they cost a few hundred – of course, on the smartphone price above.



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