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Blackberry enters the wearable market

Blackberry enters the wearable market
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Christian Boas

As we know, the dead are living longer, that is also true of the Canadian manufacturer Blackberry, who himself last year from the business with smartphones has adopted. Now Blackberry seems to have found a new niche in the Wearable market and is entering the market with Head Mounted Displays.

Together with the American company Vuzix, Blackberry plans to deliver “Smart Glasses” under its own name in the future, in which the Canadians provide the appropriate software for the Augmented Reality (AR). With Vuzix, Blackberry has found a partner specializing in the manufacture of smart glasses.

At the beginning of the year Vuzix had presented his new glasses “M300”. This is not only to be used privately, but also to be used in factories or hospitals. For data transmission, therefore, especially high standards apply in order to protect patient data and company secrets, Blackberry is to enable this.

The former smartphone manufacturer has long established itself as a specialist for security solutions, so the safe (encrypted) telephone of the Federal Chancellor comes from the Canadian manufacturer. In July 2014 the Canadians also took over the German cryptography specialist Secusmart GmbH from Düsseldorf, on the basis of which the secure telephony of the federal government runs.

The still quite young market for AR and smart spectacles is fiercely contested. No company has yet been able to get through. At the same time, the likewise young market for wearables, such as Smart Glasses, is expected to grow strongly in the coming years. Promising approaches such as Microsoft’s HoloLens are not yet sufficiently developed. Google and Apple currently rely more on Augmented Reality screen resolutions. Similarly, startups have not yet been able to achieve a breakthrough in data spectacles.


Apple iPhone 8
Supposedly, Apple is now working on a portable AR solution, which might be the reason for the new iPhone 8. The joint project of BlackBerry and Vuzix could therefore be quite successful. Because the combination of Vuzix advanced hardware and Blackberry’s promise of security could convince customers in the industry. In contrast to the smartphone market, here the cake is not yet divided.

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