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App “BiliScreen” wants to recognize pancreatic cancer by self

App “BiliScreen” wants to recognize pancreatic cancer by self
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Christian Boas

The app “BiliScreen” wants to allow the smartphone user to test with the front camera of his smartphone on pancreatic cancer. Researchers at the University of Washington have developed the BiliScreen app. The software is to provide a comparatively reliable diagnosis via a simple Selfie.

pancreatic cancer
Pancreatic cancer is one of the most dangerous cancers, the survival rate is just nine percent. One reason for this is the fact that the detection of symptoms before the scattering is very difficult. BiliScreen is designed to help detect cancer much earlier. With a simple Selfie, the software scans the eye, separates white areas from others and captures the reflected light. The user’s health status is calculated using an algorithm.

High success rate
One of the earliest symptoms of pancreatic cancer is a type of youngster. The skin and also the eyes take a light yellow, which is hardly noticeable in the early stages. Selfis in BiliScreen shows this change relatively early.

In an initial study, the app was 89.7 percent correct. “Our hope is that people do the test once a month at home – some of them will hopefully recognize the disease early enough so they can undergo a treatment that will save their lives,” says Alex Mariakakis.

Cheaper than blood test
Up to now, patients with suspected pancreatic cancer have had to undergo an expensive blood test, which is not suitable for periodic review, however, due to time constraints and especially due to the high costs. With the application, however, users can repeatedly scan. For better control of the incident light, a kind of box from the 3D printer is used.

The software is based on a slightly older product, the “BiliCam”, which should first recognize gelbucht in newborns. Now she can use Selfie to tell adults about their health. On September 13th the new app at the Ubicomp 2017 in Hawaii is to be demonstrated to a wide audience. It is becoming increasingly apparent that smartphone cameras are suitable to protect their users from health damage.

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