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TP-Link introduces smart light bulbs

TP-Link introduces smart light bulbs
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Christian Boas

The Chinese manufacturer TP-Link has announced a number of new “intelligent” WLAN light bulbs. This is the LB product series with the individual variants LB100, LB110, LB120 and LB130. Considering the fact that the manufacturer comes from the network world, one can imagine that the LED light bulbs TP links are integrated into the overall concept for SmartHomes. The lamps should be remote control over their own app “Kasa”, which is available for Android and iOS. In addition, a control via Amazons Alexa should be possible.

Die smarte LED-Birne LB130 als Lifestyle Accessoires. (Bild: TP-Link)


Rates & Availability
The LB120 is supposed to cost 54.90 euros (RRP), the LB120 is 39.90 euros (RRP) and the LB110 is 34.90 euros in the RRP. The entry-level model the LB100 is to come for 29.90 euro (EIA) on the market. Starting in July, the smart bulbs should be commercially available.

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