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Stiefel Family Office invests in Messenger Ginlo

Stiefel Family Office invests in Messenger Ginlo
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Christian Boas

The start-up of the GMX founders, founded in 2015. Karsten Schramm, Peter Köhnkow, Eric Dolatre and Jörg Sellmann can look forward to a massive financial splash. The family boots from Ingolstadt invests 15 million euros in Brabbler AG, the company behind the new Messenger Ginlo.

The family office of Leopold Stiefel, the co-founder of the Media Markt chain, thus holds 21% of the shares. Christian Stiefel, the son of Leopold Stiefel, is also a member of the Supervisory Board of Brabbler AG. The Munich startup wants to develop a secure messenger under the product name “Ginlo” and has just started the open beta test.

65 employees from 20 nations
According to the company, 65 employees from 20 nations are currently developing a device-spanning solution that allows both private users and companies to communicate securely and confidentially. In the first version, users of Ginlo will be provided with a messaging solution, which also makes it possible to integrate e-mails. The solution also includes a password generator and manager. The startup is particularly important for data security, so all the modules of the service are completely encrypted and no data on advertising corners should be used.

business Model
The makers of Ginlo want to make money through a paid subscription model. The launch of Ginlo is planned for autumn 2017, the public beta test of the communication solution has already started. Interested betatsters can apply online at

The investment of the Stiefel family will be part of Ginlo’s extensive product development and, in particular, the expansion of the Brabler team. In addition to the pure capital, the family boots still bring many valuable resources to Brabbler, including extensive management experience and a large network of helpful contacts.

“We are very happy to have gained an experienced investor with the family Stiefel, who is just as enthusiastic about our vision as we are,” says Jörg Sellmann, CEO and co-founder of Brabbler AG. “With their capital, their experience and their network, the family boots will massively support the development and marketing of Ginlo,” says Sellmann.

“Communication without storing personal data is becoming increasingly indispensable,” says Christian Stiefel. “We are delighted to support the founders of Brabbler in their plans and wish the company a successful future,” says Christian Stiefel.

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