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Rumor: Face recognition on iPhone 8

Rumor: Face recognition on iPhone 8
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Christian Boas

According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently testing a 3-D face detection technology, which will replace the fingerprint scanner Touch-ID in the future. The usually well-informed KGI-Securities analyst Ming-Ch Kuo, who in the past through his good connections to suppliers could often make correct predictions to new Apple products, sees difficulties for Apple the touch-ID in the iPhone 8.

According to the information, Apple could possibly imagine the iPhone 8 as “iPhone X” (where the X for the Roman 10), the full display in the front. The new design would remove the most distinctive iPhone tag – the Home Button, which also contains the touch ID. Because the full-area screen does not allow the unlocking technology, since a scan through the OLED display is currently probably not at Apple.

According to Kuo, the new iPhone will have the best display-to-case ratio in the market and the full-screen phones of the Android competition with it in the shade. Both Kuo and Bloomberg also see Apple’s strong focus on the subject of face detection using a 3-D camera. This 3-D camera is supposed to be housed in the front panel of the new iPhone and enable unlocking via biometric facial features. How reliably this Apple succeeds, however, must then only show itself, because other manufacturers have already expertized with face recognition and could be tricked very easily.

According to Kuo, the three new iPhone models iPhone 8, iPhone 7S mi 4.7 inches and iPhone 7S Plus with 5.5 inches screen will be presented later this September. Although the mass production of the iPhone 8 according to Kuo’s assessment could delay until the late autumn.

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