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Is the Apple iPhone 8 still released in September?

Is the Apple iPhone 8 still released in September?
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Christian Boas

Does the new iPhone (8) come on time for September? It is not a rarity that Apple introduces a new smartphone, but that device comes only weeks later. After an increase in rumors about a late release of the iPhone-7 successor lately, an analyst now gives a different forecast for the iPhone 8.

Presentation in September
According to analyst Rod Hall of J.P.Morgan, users will be able to purchase the iPhone 8 in September 2017 – but only in limited quantities, reports Apple Insider. After Hall had started out from almost 9 million devices, he has now revised his estimate downwards: Approximately 2 million units of the anniversary iPhone will be available in the month of the keynote. The reason for the correction are “not exactly stated problems with the production”. It is quite possible that the OLED display and the touch ID, which is to be located underneath it.

IPhone is rising
Hall, the iPhone 8 is expected to be enormously successful. The analyst, like many of his guilds, is starting from a “super cycle”, which starts in the fourth quarter of 2017 due to the bustling market launch, just on time for the enormously important Christmas season. Since the upcoming show model is rumored to be significantly more expensive than its predecessors, the average price for the iPhone is expected to rise sharply from October.

Augmented Reality
A focus of the iPhone 8 is to be on Augmented Reality features: According to rumored, the smartphone has a special 3-D laser on the back, which extends the camera by special skills in this area. In addition, owners should be able to charge the device wirelessly, even this technology could be responsible for the production for delays.

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