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WWDC17: Apple ‘s latest developer conference

WWDC17: Apple ‘s latest developer conference
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Christian Boas

At its developer conference WWDC 2017 in San Jose, Apple has presented a new bar of new hardware, its new software iOS 11, macOS 10.13, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11.

New Macs and iPads
On the Mac, Apple is equipping its all-in-one iMac with Kaby Lake chips and Thunderbolt 3, and also announced a completely new iMac Pro for December. The MacBook product line was also equipped with Kaby Lake chips and newer graphics chips, including the MacBook Pro with 13- and 15-inch display and the 12-inch MacBook Retina. In the latter case, the SSD was also accelerated by 50 percent.

Der neue iMacPro soll ab Dezember 2017 in den Handel kommen. (Bild: Apple)

IOS 11
Apple’s mobile operating system iOS 11 now delivers more Siri intelligence directly to the device, an improved control center, numerous productivity enhancements on the iPad or an augmented reality function directly in the system. Another highlight of iOS 11 is the possibility to send money to others with iMessage. Moreover, Siri is now able to translate sentences between Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. By means of machine learning the assistant is also to get a more human voice.

The Apple map service is now also to support navigation within public buildings such as shopping centers or airports. Appel has also reworked its app store in the Rame of the WWDC17 and extended it by a few interfaces.

Apple stellt zm WWDC 2017 sein neues iOS 11 vor. (Bild: Apple)

WatchOS 4
Apple has now with watchOS 4 also its assistant Siri firmly integrated into the ecosystem. The new watchOS 4 also offers new dials, an improved sports tracking function and the possibility to synchronize the clock directly with fitness equipment. In addition, you can now also save your favorite music from Apple music directly through the Apple Watch, play and listen over wireless headphones. WatchOS 4 is expected to be released in autumn.

Apple HomePod
In response to Amazon Echo and Google’s home, Apple introduced the HomePod. The smart networked loudspeaker with the voice assistant Siri is called HomePod and is supposed to be Apple’s response to the current predominance of Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home. The HomePod comes with an intelligent audio electronics that captures the room acoustics and can also serve as a homeKit control center. The device will be available from December, but only in the USA, Canada and the UK.

Der HomePod Apples Antwort auf Amazons Echo. (Bild: Apple)

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