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USB-Type-C: MagC Hope for all Magsafe lovers

USB-Type-C: MagC Hope for all Magsafe lovers The MagC adapter
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Christian Boas

For all those who, with their new MacBook and the USB-C connector after the marvelous Magsafe charging cable mourns, there is now again hope. From my point of view, the abolition of the MagSafe port to load the MacBook was one of the biggest mistakes in the history of Apple.

Fall Hazards
Only two weeks ago, a friend told me that he almost destroyed his more expensive new Macbook Pro when he stumbled over the charging cable, and the cable had not detached itself from the Mac, but torn the expensive computer to the ground. The friend had probably luck in the misfortune, since apparently except a few dents on his computer nothing really broke. Still, he also mourned the good, old magnetic adhering MagSafe.

For him and everyone else who have an Apple notebook with USB-type C port, there is now hope on a MagSafe for USB Type C. Currently, Indiegogo is running a campaign for the MagicContinued, “MagC” for MagC LLC. From Seattle, who want to bring back not only the well-known old advantages of the old MagSafe but have also improved it. The MagC should not only bring back the advantages of the MagSafe, MagC should also be compatible with USB-Type-C and Thunderbolt 3.1 and additionally add the possibility of a hub.


Price and availability
The MagC campaign is still running on Indiegogo for almost two months, but now, 208 supporters have reached 48% of the funding of 20,000 USD. Currently, the cheapest package, the “Early Bird 1 full set of MagC” will cost 29, – US dollars, instead of 49, – US dollars incl. Shipping to Germany. If the MagC campaign is successful, delivery is scheduled to take place in December 2017.


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