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Updates at Devolo Home Control

Updates at Devolo Home Control
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Christian Boas

The Aachner network provider Devolo has announced several updates for its Smart Home Home Control solution. In addition to the software updates of the home control center and the Android and iOS apps, the company has also implemented a hardware and design upgrade of its switching and measuring socket, which is now significantly narrower than before.


Das Update der Devolo Home Control Zentrale wird einem direkt nach der Anmeldung unter in seinem Kundenkonto angezeigt. (Screenshot:

Die neue Schalt- und Messteckdose ist deutlich schmaler ist als zuvor. (Bild: Devolo)With its square basic shape and rounded corners, Devolo’s new switching and measuring socket offers precisely the modern design that customers expect from a Smart Home module. In discreet white and thanks to its compact format, it remains virtually invisible in the household. The new switch and measuring socket is now available for 50, – Euro at the retail outlet.

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