Telecommunication Transparency Regulation enters into force

Telecommunication Transparency Regulation enters into force
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Christian Boas

Since today, June 1, 2017, the new Telecommunications Transparency Ordinance for fixed and mobile telephony providers is in force. Behind the bulky name hides a useful regulation for the end user. This is intended to improve the information rights of end users compared to their fixed network and mobile telephony providers.

Product Information Sheet Mandatory
The most important innovation is probably the mandatory product information sheets, which are required to be compiled by providers of marketed products when the products enable the end user to access the Internet. This is intended to provide customers with all information on their contract in a “clear, comprehensible and easily accessible form”.

So instead of tormenting themselves by page-wise small-print in the contract, now all the points of the contract have to be made clear. Although the product information sheets do not replace sometimes a side-length contract, they provide for more clarity.

The Federal Network Agency also provides the product information leaflet (PDF) to the suppliers. The product information sheet shall include, inter alia, data on the available data transmission rates, the duration of the contract, the conditions for the renewal and termination of the contract and the monthly costs. In addition, customers are to be informed about which services are part of a contractually agreed data volume. The Federal Network Agency has developed model product information sheets for the various types of contract, which are to be used by the suppliers in a similar form.

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