Study: Mobile devices damage hands permanently

Study: Mobile devices damage hands permanently
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Portable electronic devices damage the nervous structure in the hands sustainably. To this conclusion, researchers from the US Wiley College in their current study on carpal tunnel syndrome.

Of the 500 students studied, 54% of the intensive users and only 12% of the less intensive users showed musculoskeletal changes in connection with the extensive use of technical devices.

Patients are getting younger

“It is to be noted that the age spectrum of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome has shifted significantly downwards in the last ten years. Affected people in the age group of under-20s are no longer a rarity “, comments the hand surgery surgeon Michael Strassmair the study.

For their investigations, the US researchers randomly selected 48 students from the two groups sub-divided into the study. The excessive users showed clearly more complaints in the wrist and hand, which can lead to a long-term illness of the carpal tunnel.

Nerve damage
In the study, intensive users showed stronger signs of wear on the middle arm nerve and the carpal band running across the wrist. Possible consequences are, for example, numbness, tingling or even pain in the hand. These phenomena are the first indicators of problems in the nerve construct of the hand.

Important resting periods
The study confirms the dangers of smartphones, tablets and other devices in this regard. Doctors advise moderate consumption. Especially in children and adolescents the frequency and the duration of the use should be well checked, because these often have problems with the self-control. “You should not prolong the writing phases excessively and keep between 15 minutes of resting,” recommends hand surgeon Strassmair.

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