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Plant Apple to make iPhone to the health center?

Plant Apple to make iPhone to the health center?
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Christian Boas

According to a CNBC report after Will Apple the iPhone to the central contact point for health questions. According to CNBC, the company employs a secret team in its health department, which works with developers and hospitals, among other things, to integrate medical data more closely into the iPhone.

For the data available via the iPhone, for example, detailed laboratory reports or information about allergies should be included. According to the report, Apple is negotiating with hospitals for this purpose and is actively looking for startups that work on suitable cloud solutions. In addition, employees of the Group will increasingly visit meetings of the IT industry on health, in order to find suitable companies for acquisition.

Apple’s vice president, Bud Tribble, who is responsible for software technology, is talking with The Carin Alliance, an organization dedicated to providing patients with more control over their own medical data. Mobile devices like, the Apple smartphone iPhone could be the central access point for it.

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