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New OneDrive version for Mac has finder integration

New OneDrive version for Mac has finder integration
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Christian Boas

With the latest version of OneDrive for Mac, Microsoft is donating support for the Finder for the local OneDrive directory. Various actions can now also be carried out by right-clicking or by calling the context menu via CTRL-click.

OneDrive für Mac jetzt mit Finder Erweiterung. (Screenshot:

After you have downloaded and installed the latest OneDrive version from the Mac App Store, you have to display the advanced options, first enable the OneDrive extension via the system settings under the punk extensions.

Finally, it is absolutely necessary to restart the Finder. This is best if you simply restart the Mac. After the restart, the available options are available via the context menu, such as, for example, oneDrive saved files quickly. Further enhancements in the version 17.3.6916 extend the activity center for further information. In addition, new software versions are expected to improve the slow and untrusted synchronization between the local directory and OneDrive Onlinespeed, which many Mac users complained about.

OneDrive für Mac jetzt mit Erweiterung. (Screenshot:

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