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New Angry Birds version for Android & IOS presented

New Angry Birds version for Android & IOS presented
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Christian Boas

The game forges Rovio yesterday published with Angry Birds Evolution a new version of the popular bird shooting. The game is now available “free” for Android and iOS.


Neue Angry Birds Version für Android & IOS erschienen. (Bild: Rovio)

Free in this case means: It can be downloaded free of charge, is filled with with in-app purchases. According to a touchArcade report, Rovio has even installed a monthly subscription for $ 25 for users in the game.



The video trailer for Angry Birds Evolution shows quite well what one expects in this new game, namely to collect Angry Birds and fight. The concept is not new and it has been since the first Angry Birds, but it was developed by Rovio again and again.

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