Is Google’s Android O the new Android 8?

Is Google’s Android O the new Android 8?
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Christian Boas

Although the search engine Google Google “Android O” officially presented, but two things remain unclear: for what the O stands and the concrete Android version.

For a few days, the developers can now test the second developer preview of Android O, which is currently in the first public beta. As in recent years, the company from Mountain View, with the name of the new version, still back and wants to let the users speculate.

Now you have the XDA Developers the version number tracked. In the current APK of Google Photos and Google Keep, one has found a reference to “Android 8.0.0”. In his other apps, Google still uses “Android O”. Just a mistake?

Google spreads as much as Apple information and rumors, and lets the developers and fans then speculate. At the time on the screenshots for Android O is for example 8:00 to see what can be understood as a hint. According to the previous (Android 5.0, 6.0 and currently 7.0) numbering, is not to assume that one will present us in autumn Android 7.2. Therefore, it should be fairly safe, the Android O is concurrently with Android 8.0 is.

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