German startups create new jobs

German startups create new jobs
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Christian Boas

Startups have long been no longer one-man shows, but have also developed into important employers in Germany. On average, each new German company employs 18 people. A year ago it was only 15 employees, in 2015 even 13 employees. This is the result of a Bitkom survey among 252 startup founders of IT and Internet startups in Germany.

All sectors
According to the latest data, two-thirds of the founders (64 percent) have hired new employees last year, with around one in every four (27 percent) there were no changes and only 4 percent had to be reduced.

“Startups are no longer only active in the classic IT sector, but offer innovative solutions in all sectors, from the automotive industry to the energy sector and aviation to the pharmaceutical sector,” says Bitkom CEO Niklas Veltkamp to ​​

The positive development of the German start-ups is likely to continue. More than three quarters of the founders (77 per cent) want to hire new employees. About half (47 percent) estimate that about one to three additional jobs are created. Around one in five plans to hire more than ten new employees.

A further 14 percent believe in 2017 a constant number of employees. Only one percent expects to reduce personnel. 8 percent are not sure how the personnel situation will develop.

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