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German startup agenda published

German startup agenda published
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Christian Boas

The German startup association, Deutsche Startups eV, has today presented its “German Startup Agenda” (PDF), which the association has asked more than 100 reasons and founders. In 13 chapters the agenda formulates the demands and ideas for an international competitive German startup ecosystem.

Political Guideline
The agenda is intended to serve as a guideline for the new federal government after the Bundestag elections in September in order to provide the German start-ups with a regulatory and legal framework so that Germany’s position as a start-up location can be consolidated.

The German Startup Agenda is a result of an intensive process. The basis for this paper was laid in several workshops with many founders. On the startup agenda more than 100 founders have worked together. This makes them a legitimate political declaration of the German start-up ecosystem.

“Startups do not move in the airless space. They are surrounded by a regulatory framework. This has been a good fit for the digital economy of the turn-of-the-century, the technology and with it the business models of the start-ups have long since outgrown this framework. In order to remain the export world champion and leading industry in the coming decades, and to maintain our prosperity and our social networks, we must set the course today. How this can go, we have written down in the German startup agenda, “says Florian Nöll, chairman of the German Startups association, towards

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