Digitization: Lufthansa provides flight attendants with iPads

Digitization: Lufthansa provides flight attendants with iPads
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Christian Boas

The airline with the crane now provides iPads with a special Lufthansa employee app for all flight attendants. As a result, the flight attendants have already been given the so-called “Electronic Flight Bags” in the form of Microsoft Surface Tablets to Lufthansa pilots. As the company announced last Friday in press release, it has begun to distribute iPad Minis to the 20,000 flight attendants.


Alle Tablets sind mit der App "Lufthansa crewFlight" ausgestattet. (Foto: Lufthansa)

Apple’s tablets come with the preinstalled app “Lufthansa crewFlight”, which includes, among other things, their own crew plans, manuals and other information about the active flight. According to the published photo, the data on the utilization of the aircraft, the weather at the destination and departure location as well as the hotel for accommodation and a personal task list are included.

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