US Fair Repair Act: Apple & Co against the right to self-repair

US Fair Repair Act: Apple & Co against the right to self-repair
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Christian Boas

Large technology manufacturers such as Verizon, Toyota, Lexmark, Caterpillar, Medtronic, and, in particular, Apple are currently defending themselves in the US against the introduction of the so-called “Fair Repair Act”. With the New York Act, companies are required to provide spare parts, tools and repair instructions for their equipment to interested customers. As a result, manufacturers would be able to break down substantial revenues from the repair business.

Many of the companies are above all the duty in the law to sell spare parts and repair instructions also to unauthorized service companies, a thorn in the eye. In order to influence politics, lobby groups are currently at the forefront. The commitment of the corporations through the New York laws to the disclosure of lobbying became known.

For Apple does not want to accept the law without a fight and argues:
“An appropriate law would open gates for hackers. It could also lead to accusations through improper repairs, for example. ”

repair business
In addition, the considerable revenues from the business area of ​​the repairs would thus break away. If, for example, hardware has to be exchanged, Apple charges usually expensive price. For example, the repair of an iPhone screen costs between 160, – and 180, – Euro, depending on the model, although it can exceed the 400, – Euro mark for other damages.

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