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Study: Smartphone addiction “Millennials” can not do without

Study: Smartphone addiction “Millennials” can not do without
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Christian Boas

More and more people can not longer live without the use of their smartphone. According to a recent study, every fourth “Millennial” uses the smartphone more than five hours a day and more than 50 percent still more than three hours a day. 85 percent of consumers around the world always have the smartphone within reach. More than a quarter has it always on the body, even at night.

More than 2000 participants
The study conducted interviews with some 2,600 people in Brazil, Germany, India, Russia and the USA. The survey underscores the fact that 57 percent of users expect friends and family to respond to messages immediately or at least within minutes. 31 percent of users in India check their phone more than 100 times a day.

How important devices have now become is that almost three out of four of the world’s users would not even spend one month on their smartphone if they could spend a day with their favorite star. A salary increase of 10 percent would not be an adequate incentive for 56 percent. 50 percent opted more for the phone than an additional holiday week. Even 1,000 dollars did not motivate 41 percent. For 28 per cent would be a dream vacation no reason to renounce the smartphone.

Continuous networking
According to Rainer Koppitz of B2X, the initiator of the study, many more than ever rely on their mobile steady companion. The technology provider also sees the importance of customer support. The lack of the smartphone can frustrate people, they would feel lost, stressed and sad. According to the survey, nearly 10% of consumers worldwide plan to spend more than 750 US dollars on their next phone. 26 percent stated that they plan to spend at least $ 500.

Thomas Hess from the University of Munich assumes that people in the future will combine everything in their lives.

“They want to automate their home, use virtual reality and smart digital assistants.”

Just yesterday yesterday the search engine giant Google announced on its currently three-day development conference “Google I / O 2017” an expansion of his inquisitive assistant systems.

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