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Review: Honor 8 Pro

Review: Honor 8 Pro
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Christian Boas

The Honor 8 Pro is the new high-end mobile phone of the Chinese subsidiary of Huawei and is very successful for the price. The Honor 8 Pro is around 200 euros cheaper than comparable models in this high-end range. Especially the size and sharpness of the screen makes a good impression when you use it for the first time. In the high-end range, the market is dominated by Apple and Samsung, where it is interesting whether the Honor 8 Pro can keep up with it.

Design & Hardware
A feature that is noticeable is the dual-sim option, which is not standard in other phone’s in this price segment. The mobile phone weighs around 180 grams and could be classified as heavy. In addition, one must get used to the size, if one is accustomed to smaller Handy’s. The Honor Pro 8 has 6 GB of memory and 64 GB of internal memory. You can extend the memory up to 256 GB instead of the dual sim.

If you look at the price of the Honor 8 Pro, the screen is very good. It has plenty of display area and a high resolution. It is fun to use the mobile phone and the mobile phone display contributes to it is pleasant to use. The QHD display is definitely one of the strengths of this mobile phone and can with the established models of Apple and Samsung keep up.

The screen display is 5.7 inches and has a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The brightness and colors can also be easily adjusted and come very sharp on the display. Compared to the competition, the display can easily keep up.

What is also a very good idea with the Honor 8 Pro is that the packaging is a VR Cardboard-placed, where you can use simple VR software.

Performance & Endurance
The battery has a strong performance and after the test also left the next day enough battery left. One drawback is that you can not replace the battery. The battery has 4000 mAh and could be used for up to 2 days with normal usage.

The Honor 8 Pro camera. (Picture:

The Honor 8 Pro dual camera. (Picture:

The Honor 8 Pro has 3 cameras, namely two rear and one front. The rear cameras are split so that one captures black and white and the other for colors. This camera has a resolution of 12 MP. The camera on the front is designed for Selfies and has 8 MP. When you record videos, they are recorded in 4K Ultra-HD. When you take pictures in the dark, an LED flash is used. The quality of these pictures were very good and you could make clear pictures with it.

The video’s are recorded as a h.265 format saved, which can not be uploaded to other video portals without a conversion. In addition, the videos eat a lot of space. The camera also has an autofocus and has settings such as slow motion, which makes the different formats of pictures and videos.

The operating system runs on Android OS version 7.0 nougat and runs objection-free, which is due to the good hardware. There are many pre-installed apps by Honor itself, but also popular apps like Facebook.

The Honor 8 Pro is from my personal feeling a good mobile phone, but for Honor’s ratios expensive.
For the price-performance ratio it is nevertheless cheap if one compares it with the competition of Samsung and Apple. For me, the winning feature was the screen and the camera’s. Both were very easy to use and gave again a very high resolution.




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