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Netgear is expanding its Mesh WLAN series Orbi

Netgear is expanding its Mesh WLAN series Orbi
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Christian Boas

Netgear, the network equipment provider, is expanding its Orib RBK50 mesh WLAN solution (presented to IFA 2016) by two more models. In contrast to the classic WLAN repeaters, the Netgear Orbi system, due to its dedicated radio module, builds a separate channel between the base station and the satellite, which allows the satellite to provide a significantly higher transmission quality than a repeater could ever have. The special feature of the mesh solution is that the entire WLAN network runs under a WLAN address (SSID), which means that you do not have any interruptions because you have to change the WLAN network.

The two new Orbi models RBK30 and RBK40, which are now presented, are the first to differ from the EIA to the first Orbi generation. The Orbi RBK30 set consisting of the base station and a wall plug satellite in the UVP is only 329, – Euro and the Orbi RBK40 set consisting of the base station and a satellite costs only 349, – Euro in EIA. For comparison, the first Orbi system (RBK50), which we tested at in October 2016, was offered to an EIA of 429, – Euro and is today with 409, – Euro at Amazon only slightly under the then price.

With the RBK30 and RBK40 series, the Netgear Orbi series differs from the price in front of all the included satellites. Thus the satellite of the RBK30 is plugged into the wall socket, whereas the RBK40 satellite can be placed freely in the room. Another difference to the first Orbi generation is the living space of 200 m² or 250 m², which covered itself with the fast WLAN. If you already own an Orbi RBK50 from Netgear, this can also be combined with the new Orbi model series RBK30 and RBK40.

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