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Crowdfunding: Fuze Card the smart all in one card

Crowdfunding: Fuze Card the smart all in one card
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Christian Boas

The US launch “BrilliantTS” from California has developed the world’s smallest all-in-one smart card with the “Fuze Card” and is currently looking for supporters at Indigogo. In the Crowdfunding campaign, which runs for just under a month, the company has already accumulated almost 400,000 US dollars and has thus far exceeded the target funding of 50,000 US dollars. The delivery of the cards to the supporters on Indigogo is scheduled for July 2017.

All in one
According to BrilliantTS, the “smart” card with the dimensions of a normal bank or credit card should provide space for the data of up to 30 cards. In this case, it should not matter whether they are bank, credit, membership or gift cards.

To learn
All card data are stored encrypted on the Festplatten chip. Learning the individual karate data is done with a special app and a supplied card reader. After the “learning” the Fuze Card imitates, for example, when paying a bank or credit card selected on the integrated display and behaves like this. Whether you want to pay with the magnetic stripe, via EMV chip or contactless via NFC.

The Fuze Card has the same dimensions as a normal bank card and is only 0.762 mm (0.03 inch) thin. In the event of a theft, the card should be deleted from the remote via a single click, so that no personal data information is available that could be misused later.

The Fuze Card uses an integrated rechargeable battery, which is charged for one month of use. Should the card battery run out before the juice, the user should be able to recharge it with the (provided) mobile Powerbank without needing a socket.

A further feature of the Fuze Card is the built-in e-paper display, which allows the user to select the desired previously saved card by pressing a button. The e-paper display can also display the necessary bar codes for membership or gift cards.

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