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Successmodel Moto Mods

Successmodel Moto Mods
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Christian Boas

The Lenovo Moto Z (Moto Z Play) is one of the best Android smartphones 2016, not least because of its outstandingly implemented idea of ​​modularity.

Only the wireless charge does not master either the Moto Z or the Moto Z Play, which now wants to change a Crowdfunding campaign.


The developer Mike Paukert has developed a Moto Mod with integrated Qi charging function and infrared transmitter and already successfully financed through Indiegogo. Although the campaign runs 15 days, the target of 5,000 US dollars has already been exceeded, currently stands at 6,369 US dollars.



Another idea for a Moto Mod is the project “Linc”, which makes the Samrtphone a walkie-talkie. Also Linc is attached like all extension modules for the two Motorola smartphones on the back over a magnet and connected by pins with the device.


According to the developer, Linc is to reach a range of approximately 8 kilometers and in addition 22 transmission channels as well as SMS support. It is also possible to share your own locations so that emergency assistance can be called by means of GPS and an emergency button. Other features include a radio over IP and a 1.500 mAh battery, which should allow a stand-by time of 20 hours.


Linc also wants to finance itself by crowdfunding, but is still with $ 4.477 further from the funding goal 12,000 USD. Who can support the idea on Indiegogo 20 days with. The Linc Mod is to come after a successful campaign for 99 US dollars in the trade come.


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