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Shutdown for DVB-T, new opportunities for alternatives

Shutdown for DVB-T, new opportunities for alternatives
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Christian Boas

Shutdown for DVB-T, new opportunities for alternatives


The battle for the TV viewer has begun, and not just since the closer shutdown of DVB-T on 29 March 2017 in some regions of the german republic. But as black and white as the quite aggressive advertising for DVB-T2 suggests, the German television market thanks to broadband internet is no longer for a long time.


Just 10 years ago, the choice between television via antenna, cable or satellite, the user now has a broad range of Internet and IPTV access to his television program. The most famous providers in Germany are, besides the Deutsche Telekom, “Entertain”, Magine and Zattoo, who have been offering television over the Internet for quite some time.


Waipu TV

With “Waipu TV” is now added another IPTV provider. The Bavarian company Exaring AG, which stands behind the Waipu TV brand, as a new provider wants to bring the usual TV program via the Internet to the domestic television. To this end, Exaring AG has set up its own nationwide fiber optic network (DarkFiber), which ensures extremely high reliability in content delivery, even with 8K content.


No receiver

Contrary to most competitors, Waipu TV does not require its own separate receiver for reception. Instead, the smartphone plays an important role at Weipu. As a receiving device, the “new” is based on the widely used platforms of Amazon’s FireTV and Google’s Chromecast, both of which are centrally controlled by the smartphone.


Intuitive control

What is different with Waipu TV, as with the other is the quite intuitive control via smartphone, because our constant companion is the pivot of the service. With the app, which is available for Android and iOS devices, one selects its transmitters and “pushes” these on its desired television.


It is also easy to schedule and start a recording from your smartphone. The only exception is, for legal reasons, the recording and pause function for the ProSieben, Sat.1, Kabel eins, Sixx, ProSieben Maxx and Sat.1 Gold channels, these are temporarily disabled. Depending on the booked tariff, the user has 10 or 50 hours of recording capacity in the cloud at the German data centers.



Like most competitors, Waipu TV offers free access.

However, if you want to add value to functions such as recordings, you must register and at least the tariff “Comfort” for 5, – Euro per month including 10 hours of recording capacity. Both in the free as well as in the comfort tariff you can use two streams at the same time. However, if you want to receive HD stations or 50 hours of recording capacity, the “Perfect” tariff has to dig deeper into your pocket and pay just 15, – Euro per month. You can also use four streams simultaneously on up to four devices. For the future, Waipu TV could also present the broadcasting of pay-TV channels, such as Sky or 4K video services.


We will test Waipu TV in the next days in detail , so that you can read on moobilux, soon a detailed review.


With the Waipu Smartphone App you can control your TV. (Photo: Exaring AG)


Who wants to record his TV-Programs must pay a fee. (Screenshot:

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