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Infrared network wants to be 100 times faster than WLAN

Infrared network wants to be 100 times faster than WLAN
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Infrared network wants to be 100 times faster than WLAN


System uses infrared light beams for interference-free data transmission (Photo:


Researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology have developed a wireless network that is 100 times faster than conventional WLAN networks. The system is based on infrared radiation and uses it for data transmission. The data transmission rate currently lies at 40 gigabits per second and light beam. The network can be connected to multiple mobile devices at the same time without interference.


Light spectrum

The project is not the first to use the light spectrum, so it was already a few years ago the approach data via LED (LiFi an.m.Red.) to transfer. The data transmission of the new approach is based on a few central light antennas, which can be fixed to the ceiling, for example. These guide the infrared rays which are transported by means of glass fibers. Since this network does not have any moving components, it is completely maintenance-free and does not require any power supply. The antennas comprise a pair of lattices that emit light beams with different wavelengths as well as at different angles.


Tested for short distances

The direction of the beam is also adapted by changing the wavelength of the light beams. The infrared light is completely safe for the human eye. Other light-based WLAN networks are characterized by slow speeds and dependence on LED bulbs. Until now, the download speed of the system has only been tested over short distances. Nevertheless, these initial results show a very great potential.


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