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Headphones “Mindset” wants to make carriers more powerful

Headphones “Mindset” wants to make carriers more powerful
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Headphones “Mindset” wants to make carriers more powerful


Mindset’s EEG sensors alert when concentration drops. (Photo: Mindset)


The new headphone “Mindset” wants to ensure maximum productivity in all living conditions. By means of EEG, the gadget measures the brain currents and can thus monitor the concentration. Thanks to the neurofeedback, emotional phases, such as exhaustion or concentration problems, become visible. As a result, the user can actively change his bad habits in order to achieve a higher degree of concentration.


EEG shows brain activity

The five installed EEG sensors are located along the headband. During the exercise the brain activity is measured permanently. As soon as the attention decreases, the user is informed. Thus one should be able to recognize with time, by means of hints, when a distraction comes into play that disturbs the concentration. This awareness is then intended to permanently improve the ability of the wearer to concentrate.


“Thanks to complex processing processes, emotional stages, anxiety states and phases of concentration can be identified,” explains the developer.


The more intensive and longer-lasting attention should also continue after the removal of the headphone, the developers promise. The same EEG technology is also used in hospitals. Epilepsy, head injuries, dizziness and brain tumors are diagnosed.


Campaign on Kickstarter

“The EEG signal provides an in-depth insight into the state of consciousness of the user,” says the developer. At the moment, the Mindset is still a prototype, which is currently looking for funding in a kickstarter campaign. However, the campaign is probably a complete success as the funding threshold of US $ 100,000 has already been exceeded three times, and the campaign is still running for 29 days. So far, the project has been able to bring 1,404 supporters on the Crowdfunding platform to its side. Therefore, cheap Earlybird offer, which began at 189 US dollars already already sold out. Nevertheless, the $ 249 kickstarter special is still $ 100 cheaper than the planned sale price of $ 349. The delivery of the EEG headphone is planned for December 2017.


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