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ARM presents Multicore-Architecture DynamIQ

ARM presents Multicore-Architecture DynamIQ
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ARM introduces Multicore architecture DynamIQ


The microchip developer ARM has introduced a new architecture for multicore chips with “DynamIQ”. It promises a more flexible provision of resources and better support for AI systems in cars, smartphones, home systems and other devices. This should meet the requirements of the industry for the next few years. According to ARM, around 100 billion chips with ARM architecture are expected to be delivered by 2021.



“The DynamIQ technology is a monumental change in multicore microarchitecture for the industry and the basis for future ARM Cortex-A processors,” the company blog says. It is a further development of the 2011 “big.LITTLE” technology. In principle, the task is to provide the necessary resources as efficiently as possible for various applications. For this purpose, DynamIQ relies on multicore configurations of up to eight data cores with different performance and energy consumption characteristics.


New construction

This type of setup allows, for example, that smartphones can process 4K video as needed, but consume little energy overnight, since only very energy-efficient cores perform background processes. Cortex-A chips with DynamIQ are designed to support AI applications, for example, in cars or various autonomous systems. ARM, optimizations within three to five years will allow up to 50 times more power than current Cortex A73-based chips. The response time between CPU and accelerator hardware on one chip will be up to ten times faster, which further improves performance.


Application diversity

“ARM is in a unique position to transform and accelerate computing solutions such as AI, wherever calculations happen as it is the only common architecture from sensor to server,” the company said.


After 50 million delivered chips with an ARM architecture from 2013 to 2017, DynamIQ will be the architecture for twice as many chips in the next four years. After all, the architecture is used in the chips of various manufacturers such as Qualcomm, Nvidia, Samsung or Apple. Even the x86 chip giant Intel announced in August 2016, in the future ARM processors for smartphones to manufacture.

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