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App allows to manage your own death

App allows to manage your own death
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New Zealand’s authorities are currently developing an app that allows users to organize their deaths to relieve relatives of the burdensome duties after death. With the thematic software counterpart “SmartStart”, which will help parents with all formalities, the authorities have already achieved great success and are now hoping for similar success.


Because the predecessor app arrived so well with the users, the software developers now also want to take care of the end of life. Five state authorities in New Zealand are already integrated into the application – including the register of witnesses, which deals not only with births, but also with deaths.

The basis for an app, which makes the user aware of the dying and thus necessary regulations, queries all necessary data deposited. According to the New Zealand authorities, the new application would be a great help for members of the family who, after the death of their relatives, would simply be able to go online.

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