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14-year-old develops homework app

14-year-old develops homework app 14-year-old develops homework app.
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Christian Boas

Gone are the days when students had their own booklet to record their homework: The smartphone also helps to solve this annoying work. In concrete terms it is the chatbot “Christopher Bot” , which through the Facebook messenger asks during the school day repeatedly what homework tasks the students received from their teachers.


To do List

“Did you get homework in English?” Asks Christopher Bot. If you give the answer “Yes”, the Chatbot pays sympathy – and asks what exactly is to be done.

When the school day is over, a clear list of the tasks the students have to do is compiled. Once something has been done, the student can inform the bot, receive praise, and remove the memory from the task list.


More than 3,000 users

Over 3,000 people have already used the chatbot. And the special thing about it is that the inventor is still in school. The 14-year-old Canadian Alec Jones has programmed the chatbot himself and marketed it.


“I still find it annoying every time I think about it,” he told “CBC News”. “I never thought I’d get my fifteen minutes of fame at the age of 14.” The name of the chatbot is, by the way, a reference to a code-cracking machine of the mathematician Alan Turing, which he had created to decipher the Enigma encryption. He called her – at least in the movie “The Imitation Game” – Christopher.


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