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WhatsApp starts with a two-factor-authentication

WhatsApp starts with a two-factor-authentication
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Christian Boas

The “Instant WhatsApp” instant messaging service in Germany is now equipped with a two-factor authentication. As the Facebook daughter announced tonight, unauthorized foreign users will not be able to hijack accounts. After a beta, the company will now release the security feature of two-factor authentication for all users.

Optional function
WhatsApp uses two-factor authentication for all users of the Android and iOS app, which experts have been calling for the service for some time now. So far the “verification in two steps” was only available in the beta version of the Android app. The update is intended to better protect WhatsApp accounts and make it difficult to hijack accounts.

In the future, it is impossible to simply plug the SIM card into another device to gain access to a corresponding WhatsApp account. However, the two-factor authentication is optional and can be turned on under “Settings> Account> Verification in two steps”. After setting up a six-digit number code, the feature becomes active. WhatsApp asks this when an account is set up on a new phone.

E-mail address
In the future, the US company will also offer the function of storing an e-mail address to deactivate the two-factor authentication. This may be useful, e.g. If the user has forgotten his / her number code. As a reminder, WhatsApp then queries the code regularly in such a case. Details are summarized in a corresponding FAQ entry.

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