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The “Mondly” app lets users learn languages ​​virtually

The “Mondly” app lets users learn languages ​​virtually
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Christian Boas

Learn virtual languages ​​through virtual smalltalk. (Picture: Mondly)


The new virtual reality application “Mondly” redefines language learning and actively exposes the user to various everyday situations in a digital way. In the free version, the eager students can apply their knowledge in three different scenarios.



The app users can order food for animated characters in the restaurant, chat with them on a train ride or book a hotel room.


“You will immediately get feedback on your pronunciation and suggestions to enrich your vocabulary,” promises Mondly the VR app company.


The app recognizes, according to own statements “millions of sentences”, which are spoken into the microphone and then checks whether these fit. The first version supports 28 languages ​​- from Arabic to Vietnamese – through the app, including Japanese, Persian, and Hebrew. The application can be downloaded free of charge in the Oculus App Store and is compatible with Samsung’s Gear VR


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