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MWC17: Presentation BlackBerry “Mercury”

MWC17: Presentation BlackBerry “Mercury” MWC17: Presentation of the BlackBerry „Mercury“. (Picture: BlackBerry)
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Christian Boas

The first press conference of this year’s Mobile World Congress will start in Barcelona in less than an hour. Numerous highlights are already on the horizon.

BlackBerry opens the round of the press conferences, which take place before the official opening of the fair in Barcelona. It is expected that BlackBerry, or rather TCL, will use the presentation tonight to introduce the new smartphone with the code name “Mercury”.

The moobilux editorial team is here for you and tries to report live via Facebook and Periscope. If it is not so good with the WLAN at the event, this is alternatively also transferred by TCL from 7 pm by Livestream.

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