Cellebrite can hack iPhone 6 and 5s

Cellebrite can hack iPhone 6 and 5s
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Cellebrite is now synonymous with newer iPhone data read out (Photo:


The Israeli security company “Cellebrite” can according to own data also access to encrypted data from the iPhone 6 and 5s. The “Advanced Investigative Services” offered by Cellebrite now also support “legally unlocking and extracting proofs” from older iPhones to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


This was announced by the Forensic chief Shahar Tal of the Israeli company on Twitter. However, the service is not intended for the end customer but for governments and law enforcement agencies. The mobile device needs to be unlocked and must be sent to Cellebrite.


IOS devices with 64-bit chip

It remains unclear whether the company has access to the current iOS version 10 with its technological possibilities. Cellebrite has so far only counted iPhones up to iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c with a maximum of iOS 9 to the supported devices. With iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, iOS devices with 64-bit chip would now also be readable for the first time.


Apple’s A-Chip series has been using the coprocessor “Secure Enclave” since the A7 of the iPhone 5s. In addition to the administration of the fingerprint data, this should also protect the iOS boot process. Tal is delighted, however, about the knowledge advancement and praises his researcher on Twitter. This way, one could ensure “real justice” around the world.

This can also be wrong, for example, if smartphones are hacked by opposition or human rights activists, Tal did not mention.


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