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With iOS 10.3, Apple provides developers with an answer for the first time

With iOS 10.3, Apple provides developers with an answer for the first time
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Christian Boas

The update of the mobile Apple operating system iOS to version iOS 10.3 brings a pleasing news for app developers. Developers will no longer have to criticize their apps. In contrast to the Google Play Store at Android, which has been the standard for many years, the customer ratings and questions on Apple’s iTunes have so far been a one-way street. At the developer did not even have the opportunity to answer privately, because there was no contact possibility.

Apple facilitates some processes
In the App Store and in the Mac App Store, the testers of the beta version can now show that they have not only learned programming, but also customer support. But also for the app users are changes: To evaluate the application, it was necessary to leave the app and distribute the stars on the App Store. In the latest iOS version, the process is to be simplified and the evaluation can be done directly in the app.

It is said, however, that the regular pop-up messages for evaluating the app but also can be issued. Nevertheless, it seems to be more uncomplicated to make their opinions known – and, if necessary, to respond to reported problems. In addition, Apple seems to take the matter with the easy to lose AirPods. The update, which is to be made available to the public in the coming weeks, is to facilitate the re-establishment of AirPods.

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