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Rework: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle

Rework: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle Galaxy Note 7: Kurs bricht massiv ein, größter Tagesverlust seit 2012. (Foto:
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Christian Boas

Rework: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle

Galaxy Note 7: Course collapses massively, biggest day loss since 2012. (Photo:


The Korean company Samsung has taken the time to investigate the problems with its fire-sensitive Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The current smartphone market leader wants to regain lost customer trust.

Expected result

The result of the investigation did not contain any great surprises. Samsung has, as expected, the fires at its Galaxy Note 7 on design and production errors in the batteries returned. The fact that the software could be responsible for the branding problems of the device, the South Korean technology companies, on the other hand, excluded.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 probably brings the company a permanent imagery.

Samsung’s failure

Almost 700 experts had tested more than 200,000 smartphones and more than 30,000 batteries during the monthly cause research, Samsung announced today, Monday. The company assumes responsibility for “our failure to recognize and validate the battery design and manufacturing process before the launch of Note 7,” said the head of the smartphone party, Koh Dong Jin, in Seoul.


Samsung had wanted to compete with the Galaxy Note 7 against the Apple iPhone 7, but instead experienced an unprecedented debacle for the industry. The losses in the operating business were estimated by the South Koreans to be 5.3 billion US dollars, which corresponds to about 4.9 billion euros.

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